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Basket of Fruit
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Still life

Still life

Ceramic panels are designed to add a classic touch to your home décor in places like: kitchens, bars, barbecue areas, bathrooms, pool areas, and covered patios. They can be deep set on the walls or framed and hanged like paintings. They are made of fine majolica tiles of various dimensions and can be customized in size and motif. Very popular subjects are still life and landscapes. This ceramic panel is made with twelve 20x20cm (8x8") tiles. Dimensions 80x60x6cm (31x24x2")

PART NUMBER: B - pnm 20

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Artwork viewed on the Bella Villa website may have slight variation in color than the actual product due to a couple of factors: we are showing digital pictures of originals that can be affected by the quality of the digital camera used; and by the quality and setting of the computer monitor used by the customer to view our website. Another important note: we are dealing with original works of art and they are, of course, all slightly different from each other.


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