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03 Man in armour
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03 Man in armour

This rare display plate for dimensions and subject is made with the ancient technique of "Lustro" and represents a man in armour by il "Perugino" (about 1450). "Lustro" is an ancient decoration technique that produces iridescent chromatic effects of gold, ruby red, and silver. This is done by using a special compound made with metallic salts and clay, diluted with wine vinegar, and after a special curing cycle. Of Middle Eastern origin, the Lustro technique was very popular among the Arabs and arrived in Italy around the 1400ís probably from the island of Maiorca, in Spain. This is why this kind of ceramic was named first "Maiorica" and then "Majolica". The special Lustro compound is applied with a brush on already finished objects, usually on spots left on purpose by the artist during the painting phase. The objects are then cured for the third time at a relatively low temperature (1100F) in an atmosphere full of smoke made by several substances (wood, colophony, broom). This smoke prevents the oxidation of the metals and gives the Lustro its typical colors. Very few artists today have a full knowledge of the Lustro technique. Size:62x62x8cm (25x25x3").

PART NUMBER: B - gpl 1

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