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Ceramic Panels Large Ceramic panels
Large Display Plates People

03 Man in armour
04 Young nobleman
06 Fall (Large plates set)
08 Summer (Large plates set)
09 Winter (Large plates set)
10 Summer (Smaller plates set)

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Ceramic Art

These are high quality works of art by a well known father/son team of Italian artists. They reproduce, among other subjects, master pieces from “Il Perugino” and “Botticelli” on display dishes, plates, vases, tiles, and ceramic panels. The elegance of the stroke and the beauty of the colors they use are unmatched.

Due to the special technique, originality, and the limited edition, these pieces are especially intended for collectors and should be considered as an investment. Every piece is numbered, and comes with a “Certificate of Origin”.

Some items are ready from stock. Average delivery time for items not in stock is about four to six weeks. We will advise you of the delivery time of the items not in stock prior to confirming your order.


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