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Advantages of Frescos!

Advantages of a fresco versus a normal painting:
  • The feel and look of a fresco is unique and unmatched with any other technique.
  • Once finished, frescos are extremely durable, can be touched by hands, and can even be washed with soap and water.
  • Frescos are custom made in any size and subject to match the décor and theme of any room.
  • Each fresco is an original work of art with a quality and authenticity certificate.
Advantages of a "Calicot"? fresco versus a mural:
  • a "Calicot" frescos can be hung like a painting or glued to a wall to resemble a mural. However they can be removed and reused if the house is sold or the room is remodeled.
  • The quality of a mural is limited to the expertise of a single artist. Our supplier has several artists on staff, each one with a long experience and a specific expertise.
  • No need to have the artist work in the home for any length of time avoiding the inconvenience related to the wall preparation, actual painting, and proper drying.
  • We can give you a more reliable delivery time.


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